October, 2010

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When:  Monday, October 4, 7 p.m.  Please note the date is one week early because in October the second Monday is Columbus Day and the building is closed.
Where:  Mounts Auditorium
Speaker:  Colin Friedrich, Excelsa Gardens.  Colin will bring the latest plant introductions to show and sell.

Refreshments:  Sandy Sklar, Brenda Lines, Paton White
Raffle Table:  Purchased plants from local nurseries.  Last month's raffle was enthusiastically received, so we will continue buying plants at wholesale suppliers.
Badge Plant:  Vivian Schwartz
Exchange Table  Several members have asked about the exchange table.  This has been a popular source for interesting plants over the years, so let's continue.  Bring in a good plant, one that you would have in your own garden, not something you are trying to get rid of.  It does not have to be a begonia.

2011 Officers

We will be announcing candidates for officer positions at the meeting.  If you wish to be a candidate for an office, please call Doris Happel at 602-5579 or Nancy Cohen at 842-2499.

Bus Trips

Unfortunately, we were not able to organize a trip for October as we had hoped.  We need a chairperson for 2011 who can make arrangements for one or two bus trips during the year.  This would involve contacting a bus company for pricing and then notifying our members of the details and also notifying the orchid, bromeliad, and palm societies so their members can join us and share the costs.  I can help with getting this started for the first time.  Please let me know if you can do this. - Doris

Around the Garden

It's not August any more.  This is a phrase my family is familiar with when we sit down to dinner and discuss our days.  August in the garden is always a trial of endurance.  By September there is a subtle but perceptible change in the air that is most welcome.  The begonias are looking good and all but the canes are getting ready for the big blooming season that starts in December.  Many canes have been in bloom for most of the summer but will soon shut down.  With a good mix of canes and rhizomatous begonias, you can have begonias in bloom all year.

I have ignored my nursery area for months while focusing on garden chores.  An astonishing number of weeds have taken over, growing out of pots, through ground cloth, and all over everything.  I am getting it cleaned up a little every day.  Despite neglect, little plants have grown into big plants, so I have to do a lot of trimming and repotting.  I should have a a good supply of plants for talking to garden clubs.

In my effort to minimize the highest maintenance plants, I am gradually removing almost all the bamboo on the property.  There was a lot of bamboo here!  The biggest clumps were on the property when we bought it, and then I added black, yellow/green striped, blue, timber, and Angel Mist bamboos.  After six years of gardening I realized that the bamboo was getting way too vigorous, gradually developing huge, dense clumps, and reaching enormous heights.  It has been a daunting job, but I cut a few stems every week and have been doing that for almost a year.  I can't get a stump grinder to most of the clumps, so I am vigilantly removing new growth until it stops sprouting.  I have planted quite a few new trees which will be easier to maintain.

Doris Happel


REFRESHMENTS: Tara Ford, Linda Desanti, Leslie Clark
RAFFLE: Elaine McKelvey

The meeting began at 7:30.

Doris Happel led the meeting for President Price. Doris chose the Begonias for the raffle table from Boynton Botanicals.

Sue Ellen reported on balance in the account and also discussed her exciting field trip to the annual convention in San Francisco.

Doris reported on the passing of one of our charter members, Rosemond Meriwether.

Next month (October) will be held the first Monday due to holiday.

Gene Joyner reported on new radio show on 880 AM WZAB. He also noted the mounts Tropical garden Course in October.

Members were reminded of the Mounts plant show on November 6.

Speaker Alan Stopek presented the fundamental of succulents including a succulent book listing many of the unusual species. Alanís slide show was informative and included a variety of succulents, aloe, agave and sedums.

The meeting concluded at 8:45.

Tara Ford

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