January, 2012

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 ~~~~~ Bring a friend to the next meeting!

Newsletter Editorís Message

Welcome back to the new year before us. Lots of exciting things will be happening in the coming year. Ö..Garden tours, new plants, new hybrids, new speakers, and more begonias for us all.
How many kinds of begonias are you growing in your yard this year?
Make a list of the hybrids and species and bring your list to the meeting either January or February.
Looking for a particular begonia? Let someone know so perhaps it can be found.

Those seeds I grew from the hybridization of the rhizomatous Begonia 'Beatrice Haddrel' have done well.
It is not easy growing so many seeds and then having to only cull out the not so good ones.
The ones I planted in my yard are doing well so far. If a propagation party comes here in the future they can use some of these new
leaves to add to their collections. Harmony has been given some to propagate as well.

Newsletter Editor

Presidentís Message

January 2012

Happy New Year to all. Frances has worked very hard to set up great programs for this year.

See our upcoming schedule below.

I hope you all enjoyed the Holiday Party and went home with several begonias.
We have more programs this year on begonia culture to help you grow your holiday plants and auction plants.
Greg Sytch, the horticultural correspondent for The Begonian, is joining us again this year.
This spring we have scheduled 2 propagation parties, and Johanna is planning a workshop on growing in strawberry pots.
We are contemplating a bus trip to Lew Gardens in Orlando for their Spring plant sale.
In addition to the great plant sale, we found many begonias in the landscape at Lew Gardens,
although itís been quite a few years since I was there. I canít wait to visit and see the changes.

I hope to see you all at the meeting!


Virginia Jens

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