October, 2012

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Next Meeting

When:  Monday, October 1, 2012, at 7 p.m.
Please note that the meeting is on the FIRST Monday of the month.
Due to the holiday on the second Monday, the meeting had to be moved up a week.

Where:  Mounts Auditorium
September Refreshments:  -Elaine McKelvey, Brenda Lines, and Di Loveland
Badge Plant:  - Elaine McKelvey
Speakers:  - Mark and Colin Friedrich - “New Tropical Companion Plants for Begonias”

President’s Message


We had a great program last month by David Bache from Boynton Beach Botanicals on the reclamation of homeless encampment in the middle of Ft Lauderdale’s Stranahan Park by the Ft Lauderdale Women’s Club and turning it into a lush tropical garden. It was a fascinating look at what can be done.

Next meeting: Oct 1- NEW TROPICAL COMPANION PLANTS FOR BEGONIAS by Mark and Collin Friedrich of Excelsa Gardens. Excelsa is known for its exotic and unusual tropical plants. We will be introduced to new, hard to find plants that grow well with begonias. Plants will be for sale.

Upcoming events:

Oct 6, 2012- Work Day in our Begonia Garden at Mounts. We will be pulling weeds, fertilizing, mulching, and having fun! Linda and Ron have already committed to being there. So come on down- many hands make quick work of it. Bottled water will be available. Be there at 8:45AM. Bring a shovel, your hat, mosquito spray, gloves……

Nov 3 and 4, 2012 – Mounts Annual Fall Plant Sale. We have ordered plants to sell for fund raising. Sign up sheets will be available. Just putting in an hour or two would be a big help.

Nov 5, 2012 – Unusual Containers for Begonias” **Another EARLY 1st Monday meeting- Mounts bldg is closed the following week for Veteran’s Day** Our speaker is from Houston! Tom Keepin is the new Branch Relations Chair of ABS. He will be accompanied by Cheryl Lennert, ABS past president. Tom owns a landscaping company in Houston and spoke to our group several years ago. This is a hands-on demonstration using found objects as planters. You will leave with a begonia that you have “potted”- a wonderful gift for yourself or someone on your holiday gift list!

Dec 10, 2012- HOLIDAY PARTY!

How quickly time flies. Frances and I appreciate all the help we received during our terms in office. If you are able to help in the future, please contact the Nominating Committee- Linda Wiringer (LINWIR@Bellsouth.net) and/or Denise Friedlander (polishhoney@aol.com ). We also need a Refreshment Chair, to remind those who signed up, and a Newsletter Editor. See you this weekend at the garden and on Monday at the meeting

Virginia Jens
President, 2012

October Program

"New Tropical Companion Plants for Begonias" by Mark and Colin Friedrich

Mark is the owner and Vice-President of Excelsa Gardens; Colin is the Secretary and Treasurer. Excelsa Gardens is known for its exotic and unusual tropical plants. Mark & Colin will be introducing new and hard to find plants that grow well with begonias. Plants will be offered for sale.

Newsletter Editor’s Message


Wow! Summer ended with lots, lots, lots of rain. Fall has just barely arrived and while there isn’t exactly a chill in the air, there are subtle changes. Warblers are moving south--a Black and White Warbler and a Palm Warbler were sighted last week. Sausage Trees are only producing a 1000 flowers a day instead of 5000. The humidity is 85% instead of 96%. The mornings are a cool 75 degrees

It seems like the begonia seeds produced last spring are all coming up like weeds in my yard--old stumps, limestone rocks and coral are their favorite niches on which to sprout. Once the weather really changes (in mid October) perhaps a garden tour can be arranged so everyone interested can come for a visit and take some of these seedlings back to their gardens.

Begonia Garden at Mounts

The Begonia Garden is filling in very nicely. The plants that Harmony donated are all in and doing well. Several Begonias planted earlier this summer have spread to two and three feet across. Evidently they liked all the rain this summer. If anyone would like to donate a begonia or two we can always fit another one in around the existing plants already there.

Bring a friend to the meeting!!

Newsletter Editor

Meeting Minutes for Septmeber 10, 2012


President Virginia Jens called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Sandy Sklar and Frances Drescher were recognized for donating refreshments; Sandy contributed the badge plant – ‘Passing Storm’. A slide show of the begonia garden at Mounts ran prior to and during the beginning of the meeting.

Old Business

Guests at the meeting were: Uma Bhati, Alice Bojanowski, Savina Pagel and Deb Russel. Laurie Hristov joined as a new member.

Sandy and Virginia worked in the begonia garden this month. The next begonia garden work party will be held on October 6. Members were implored to volunteer.

Members should be receiving the newsletter in their email. If not, they should check with Denise to make sure we have the correct email address on file.

The club will have a booth at Mounts Fall Plant Sale the first weekend in November. Volunteers will be needed to help for a couple of hours at a time Saturday and Sunday. Also help will be needed setting up on Friday and tearing down on Sunday.

Virginia announced the Nominating Committee: Denise Friedlander and Linda Wiringer In October the committee will announce the slate of officers for next year; in November we vote on the slate, and in December we install new officers. We need a new President and Vice President to replace Virginia and Frances. Frances is willing to serve as Treasurer, Sandy has agreed to continue as Secretary. Ed Whalen agrees to continue as National Representative.

New Business

Next month’s meeting will be on October 1st because the second Monday is Columbus Day and the Mounts facility will be closed.

Treasurer's Report

Maria’s report was given by Virginia.


Gene Joyner is on the radio the third Tuesday on WRMB (89.3 FM) 7:45 a.m. – 8:25. He is also on Sunday morning around 7:25 live on 880 AM radio. Both shows feature gardening info and question and answer call-ins.

Meeting was adjourned.

Program – How to Build A Botanical Garden …or…How’s Your Karma

David Bache from Boynton Botanical Nursery presented the story of how Stranahan Park at the corner of Andrews and Broward Blvd. in downtown Fort Lauderdale was converted from a muddy park with a homeless issue to a urban botanical garden with than 500 kinds of plants, and teeming with wildlife with the help of many volunteers in only five months. He credits the success of this project to great karma all around, with resources and community support aplenty, an inspirational story.

Respectfully submitted, Sandy Sklar
Recording Secretary

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