September, 2012

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When:  Monday, September 10, 2012, at 7 p.m.

Where:  Mounts Auditorium
September Refreshments:  -Frances Drescher & Sandy Sklar
Badge Plant:  - Sandy Sklar
Speaker:  - David Bache - "How to Build A Botanical Garden" -->

September Program

“How to Build A Botanical Garden” by David Bache

David Bache, the sales director for Boynton Botanicals, will be presenting a program detailing a project he is working on: turning Stranahan Park in downtown Fort Lauderdale into a Botanical Garden. He will discuss all aspects of the project, from why it was decided to turn the park into a botanical garden to the decisions involved in design and plant selection. The Jungle Garden is already planted with some beautiful begonias!

I will unfortunately be out of town for this terrific program meeting. Many years ago (like back in high school) I used to walk through this park area in the early 1970’s. I worked at the Burdines across the street. All the city buses stopped at this city block which was the center of Ft Lauderdale at the time---the crossroads of Andrews Avenue and Broward Blvd. divided the city into north, south, east and west. The main roads such as Commercial Blvd, Oakland Park, Sunrise, and Broward Blvd are all exactly one mile apart. What I remember of Stranahan Park are the tall, tall and old cypress trees that had been left to grow. Progress in the rest of the town bulldozed most of them away. Downtown Ft Lauderdale has changed a bit since the 70’s as there is a wonderful Art Museum, Waterwalk along New River (where the Indians used paddle into town for supplies), and a Boat Cruise along New River. Naturally, there are some great restaurants.

After David’s program I would like to organize a carpool tour to see this lovely new garden sometime in late September. Let Virginia or Frances know at the meeting.


Newsletter Editor’s Message


*Begonia seeds and cuttings put down earlier this spring and summer are really beginning to grow now. Some of the seedlings are showing interesting patterns so hopefully a nice leaf will develop once they mature.

Spiraling white fly has been found on some cane begonias. Insecticidal soap, Merit, or Criterion seem to keep it under control. The last two chemicals are systemic. For palm trees, especially coconut palms, there is an injection that King Tree offers to get rid of this pest. I used this method at the Four Arts and within 2 days the white flies were, well, dropping like flies!

Bring a friend to the meeting!!

Newsletter Editor

Meeting Minutes for August 13, 2012


President Virginia Jens called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. The society aims and purposes were read by David Perkensen. Marjorie and Beverly were recognized for donating refreshments; Frances Drescher contributed the badge plant – ‘Black Cauldron’.

Old Business

There was a large guest turnout: Laurie Hristov, Sarah Thomas, Karen Eisenberg, Cam O’Neil, Margo Emery, Judy Landers, Dong Trawick, Cathy Barra, Madeline Heijman, Stephanie Duncan, Pat and Steve Caplan, Lou, Ray, and Wayne Marinkoski, Susan Levine, Caryn Rosen, Morton Rosen, Karen Blumenfeld. Guests learned about the meeting either in the Palm Beach Post listing or the Mounts Leaflet calendar.

Non-profit forms for the IRS are being mailed this week. The balance sheet is being completed.

Several of the officers participated in the begonia garden work party this month. The next begonia garden work party will be held on September 8. Volunteers are needed.

New Business

Virginia asked members to ensure that their email addresses are up to date. If anyone is not receiving the monthly newsletter by email, we probably don’t have a current email address in the file.

The club will have a booth at Mounts Fall Plant Sale the first weekend in November. Volunteers will be needed to help for a couple of hours at a time Saturday and Sunday. Also help will be needed setting up on Friday and tearing down on Sunday.

Virginia will be recruiting a Nominating Committee this month and will announce it at next month’s meeting. In October the committee will announce the slate of officers for next year; in November we vote on the slate, and in December we install new officers.

Virginia got home from the annual ABS Convention late last night. Business discussed at the meeting included providing the a “green” edition of the Begonian online, and also putting information for future conventions online. DVDs of the Begonian from 2000 – 2010 are going to be available; they were going to be available online. The Jack Golding research papers will be available and searchable on line. It will cost approx. another $9,000 to complete this project.

It was decided to provide a grant to Dr. Rekha Morris for a trip to India, to explore areas where species were originally discovered but haven’t been seen for awhile.

Also at the convention, Virginia attended a presentation about a research and collecting trip in Bolivia by Dr. Mark Tebbit; another one by Dr. Ping from Taipei about collecting in Malaysia and about new species in the Philippines.


Gene Joyner is on the radio the third Tuesday on WRMB (89.3 FM) 7:45 a.m. – 8:25. He is also on Sunday morning around 7:25 live on 880 AM radio. Both shows feature gardening info and question and answer call-ins.

Meeting was adjourned.

Program – Vertical Landscaping by Bruce Pearson

A very well-received program on Vertical Landscaping was given by Bruce Pearson of Tropical World. In addition to slides showing examples of vertical landscaping at his farm in Mexico and in other locations around the world, Bruce brought several examples of completed pieces containing live plants. He also showed a partially constructed support which he used to describe the materials and methods for building one. He conveyed that there is a virtually limitless number of ways to create vertical landscapes. The major issues that must be considered for successful execution include providing sufficient support for the combined weight of plants, water and planting medium, and the method/mechanics of irrigation. Plant selection is another important component of the project. Bromeliads (especially tillandsias), begonias, orchids, ferns and many other plant types are well-suited, and large blocks of the same plant create particularly pleasing effects.

Respectfully submitted, Sandy Sklar
Recording Secretary

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