October, 2013

October, 2013

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Next Meeting

When:  Monday, October 7, 2013 at 7:30p.m.
Where:  Mounts Auditorium

Refreshments:  - Elaine McKelvey, Di Loveland, Brenda Lines
Badge Plant:  - Elaine McKelvey
Raffle Table  - Nanch Cohen
Speaker:  - Bud Martin: Plant Pairings Made for the Shade

President’s Message

Our September meeting at Amelia’s Smarty Pants Nursery, hosted by owner Marta Edwards, was quite a unique experience for our 24 members who attended. Marta certainly has a variety of companion plants suitable to showcase the begonia plants in our gardens. It got dark too quickly in September to see and appreciate all the plants available. But, this is certainly is a nursery to revisit. I especially liked the area as I stayed longer to see all the pots, accessories and ornaments that Marta has made in the USA!!!

Members should note in Sandy’s minutes that the Nominating Committee has presented us with a full state of candidates for next year’s officers. Congratulations to Virginia Jens on being elected to the Presidency of the National Begonia Society.

NOTE:   Our Mounts Begonia Garden work party on the first Saturday of October will NOT have a meeting since Patrick Dempsey and many Board members will be away. I will look over our garden when I attend my Master Gardener Meeting the Thursday of October.

Double Note: October and November meetings will be on the first Monday of these months.

Ed Whalen
President, 2013

October Program

Bud Martin "Plant Pairings Made for the Shade"

Bud Martin, well known purveyor of beautiful bromeliads and shade loving plants at the West Palm Beach Farmers Market, will speak on Plant Pairings Made for the Shade. Bud, who is a wonderful speaker and a longtime favorite, will highlight members of several different plant families, including begonias, bromeliads, orchids, aroids, and others, ‘paired’ to show off their best colors and conformations. Plants will be shown in containers but Bud will also discuss the use and care planted in the garden.

Meeting Minutes for September 9, 2013

Call to Order and Greetings

The meeting was held at Amelia’s Smarty Plants, Dixie Hwy., Lake Worth. President Ed Whalen called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Thanks To Doris Happel for leading two propagation parties.

Treasurer's Report Frances gave the Treasurer's report.

Old Business

A National Convention update was given. Ed and his wife will take a suite at the hotel and our club will host the Hospitality Room. Ed is discussing this with convention organizers and our club members.

Ed reminded attendees that we need additional people to work in the Begonia Garden at Mounts. The date is not yet set for the dedication.

Virginia moved and Francis seconded that our chapter make our annual contribution to ABS, a Holiday greeting in the ABS Journal. The amount of the donation is $201. Everyone attending voted in favor.

The Nominating Committee has submitted a complete slate of officers for next year:
President – Ed Whalen
V. Pres. – Nancy Cohen
Treasurer – Frances Drescher
Secretary – Sue Ellen Solodar
National Rep. – Patrick Dempsey

We will vote at our November meeting and swear in officers at our Holiday party in December. Next year we will have to replace the President, V. Pres., and Treasurer.

The IRS still has not processed our non-profit status paperwork; they are very behind.

New Business

Next month Bud Martin will speak about orchids. Remember that the October meeting will be held on the first Monday (Oct. 7) instead of the second one, due to County holiday October 14 (Columbus Day). The same is true in November: we meet on November 4 instead of November 11 (Veterans Day).

ABS is still looking for a volunteer to serve as Historian.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m. Our host Marta gave a tour of Smarty Plants nursery.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandy Sklar
Recording Secretary