June, 2014

June, 2014

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Next Meeting

When:  Monday, June  9, 2014 at 7:00p.m.
Where:  Mounts Auditorium
Refreshments:  - Linda Wiringer
Badge Plant:  - Doris Happel
Raffle Table  - Greg Sytch (speaker)
Program:  - Florida Hybrid Begonias
                    Greg Sytch

President’s Message

 At this writing I am in Ankor Wat, Cambodia. So far in the three weeks we have ben through Burma, Loas, Thailand and Viet Nam. I have been looking for begonias but the tour we are on has been mostly in hot sunny places with temperatures in high 90's, heat indes 115 degrees, continual sunshine, and it is not compatible for begonias.

Internet is terrible. Thinking of everyone in cool Florida. See you at the June meeting.

Ed Whalen
President, 2014

June Program

Florida Hybrid Begonias
Greg Sytch

Greg Sytch, prize winning begonia grower and hybridizer will speak about Florida hybrids, and their parents.


Meeting Minutes for May 12, 2014

Vice President Nancy Cohen called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. In attendance were one guest, Kyle Bergman, and a new member, Petra Russell.  Treasurer Frances Drescher then reported that our chapter has $3,682.32 in the bank.

Nancy brought up the subject of term limits. Currently officers are elected for one year but cannot serve more than two years consecutively in the same position. Nancy indicated that the board wants to recommend dropping term limits and asked the group to just think about it. We will vote on this issue at the June meeting. Also, we need someone to audit the books, preferably someone with no involvement with our chapter.

Frances explained that it is time for us to make our annual donation to the ABS Holiday Greetings Fund and made a motion that we donate $201 to the fund; this was unanimously approved.

Next month’s meeting on June 9 will feature a talk by Greg Sytch who will bring hybrids and their parent plants and will tell us how and why those particular plants were selected for hybridizing.

Our featured speaker for this meeting was Doris Happel who presented a slide show and talk about cane begonias. She made several points, as follows: B. lana is a big bloomer that looks like Sophie Cecile but blooms far more readily; B. coccinea hort grows very tall, never stops blooming but does not like the summer sun; B. coccinea hort white is not as successful a grower as the pink variety. B. encanto bronze is a favorite – if grown in the sun the leaves will be lighter and the flowers darker. B. Irene nuss with its deeply notched leaves grows to about four feet and should be cut back twice a year. B. Janessa Ma is a Greg Sytch hybrid but is not very vigorous. B. Texas lone star has huge spotted leaves and light pink flowers; B. little miss mummey has raised dots on its leaves and B. Barbara Hamilton does well grown in a pot. B. fabulous Tom is well foliated and has coral flowers; B. peanut brittle is very bushy. B. albopicta grows to two or three feet and has arching stems and almost white flowers. B. white ice grows to a maximum of 12 to 18 inches. B. odorata alba is shrublike, not a true cane. The well known dragon wing begonia is a semperflorens hybrid but won’t last the summer here.

Doris then turned to the subject of propagation and said we should propagate cane cuttings in fresh perlite, watering every other day. After one week, use a little liquid fertilizer and do so weekly.

Doris brought the badge plant, raffle plants and a few plants which were for sale.

Respectfully submitted,
Frances Drescher
(standing in for Suellen Solodar, Recording Secretary