March, 2014

March, 2014

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When:  Monday, March  10, 2014 at 7:00p.m.
Where:  Mounts Auditorium
Refreshments:  - Denise Friedlander
Badge Plant:  - Marcia Bedasse
Raffle Table  - Johanna Kitson
Program:  - Grooming Your Begonia Workshop
                    Johanna Kitson and Suellen Solodar

The Begonia Society of the Palm Beaches Garden at the Mounts

It finally happened! We had had a great day, a large turnout and a terrific Dedication on Saturday February 15th. The signs arrived and looked at home in the garden. Thanks to all who attended and helped out with the last minute cleanup to make our Begonia Garden "sparkle". I think it is an outstanding garden. It also was very nice to have had a recent story appear in the latest issue of "Florida Garden Magazine" titled a Made in the Shade Garden. Tom Hewitt of the Mounts did a great job with his article and pictures. Next year we hope to get our Annual Auction listed in the Monthly events section of this magazine.

President’s Message

Anyone attending our February Annual Auction will be happy to tell you it was atremendous success!  Without a doubt Charles Jaros is an auctioneer extraordinaire.He brought 58 different begonias and companion plants from Harmony and gave a complete horticultural explanation of each one. It was quite a learning experience no matter how long you have been involved in growing begonias.

I would like to thank Johanna, Nancy, Donnie and Doris for donating gorgeous plants and other items to our Auction. I would also like to thank everyone who helped: Lee for holding the building open while we went to dinner; Johanna, Maria and Patrick for coming early to help with setup and unloading of plants; Nancy & Maria for helping Frances keep track of the bids and helping with check-out; Sandy for sending out an Email-blast reminder to our members as well as manning the membership desk; Donnie, Maria & Susan Roberts for refreshments; Emily and Virginia for showing off and delivering the plants. And a big thanks also to everyone who helped with clean-up after the auction.

I would like to thank Frances for the terrific accounting job she presented to the Board the day after the Auction. We had a slightly lower number of paddles assigned (26 versus 30 last year), but we still generated a $1,396.10 net profit. That's $345.00 over last year! A BIG THANKS to everyone who bought!

It pleases me to announce that the Doris Happel will be presenting a program on "Begonias In the Landscaping" at a monthly Thursday meeting of the Master Gardeners Group. That's 1:30 to 2:30 at the Mounts Auditorium. We usually get 60 to 65 members who turnout for these meetings. Doris will also be giving a half hour presentation during the training of the latest group of Master Gardeners. I hope this generates some new interested members for our BSPB club.

Put on your calendars Saturday March 15th as well as April 19th starting at 9:00 AM for a Propagation Party at Doris' home. This member never stops giving of her time and energy.

Ed Whalen
President, 2014

March Program

Grooming Your Begonia Workshop
Johanna Kitson and Suellen Solodar

Bring one or two of your best begonias, and two of our best begonia growers and prize winners will show us how to groom your begonias to win at the ABS Convention March 19 to 23 in Tampa. Johanna and Suellen will help you assess your plants, identify and label your plants, and clean them up and beautify them for the show. They’ll also critique the plants and suggest which categories you might enter; often a plant could be entered in a few different categories and has a better chance in one category than another.
Lets bring back some winners from Tampa!

Meeting Minutes for February 10, 2014

President Ed Whelan called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm and thanked Donnie Brown, Maria Matsinicos and Susan Roberts for the refreshments. Treasurer Frances Drescher reported our available funds are $2,582.71.

New Business

Vice President Nancy Cohen asked that we approve an expenditure of $335 for advertising in the Leaflet, the Mounts publication that helps support its programs. Motion passed.

Ed then spoke about the “Love of Herbs” event to be held on Saturday, Feb. 15. This would include dedications of the herb, begonia and “extreme” gardens. Tom Hewitt has written an article for Florida Gardening about our begonia garden; the magazine is available for sale in the Mounts gift shop.


Johanna Kitson, a gardener at the Society of the Four Arts, announced that the garden is gorgeous right now. The bromeliads, tabebouia, ylang ylang, camellias and begonias are particularly worth seeing.

Nancy reminded us that the Tropical Orchid Society’s annual auction would be held on Thursday, Feb. 13. She also announced a workshop for next month’s BSPB meeting – grooming begonias for showing and growing begonias from seed. Johanna and Suellen Solodar will run the workshop.

Program Notes

Past ABS President Charles Jaros brought gorgeous plants from Harmony for our annual auction and this year a silent auction as well. Charles, our inimitable auctioneer, began with a handout on begonia leaf classifications and everyone was asked to identify each begonia as he proceeded with the auction. Some of the plants auctioned included B. convolvulacae, a trailing scandent seasonal bloomer; B. ‘Connie Boswell’, a Martin Johnson hybrid, rhizomatous jointed at or below the soil; B. ‘ Raspberry Truffle’, a Tim Anderson (TA) hybrid; B. ‘Confetti’, a rex ; B. ‘Judy Cook’, a rex TA hybrid; B. ‘Unique’, TA hybrid; PHOE’s B. ‘Butterscotch’, TA hybrid; B. burkelliae; B. ‘Little Beaver’; B. ‘Five and Dime, a miniature rhizomatous; B. ‘Peter Sharp’, Australian; B. ‘Plum Swirl’ from the Netherlands; species begonias U 606 from the Phillipines, U 498 (the bumble bee plant) and U 508; B. ‘Joe Hayden’, a spectacular landscape plant which is also fragrant; B. ‘Alligator Alley’, a Greg Sytch hybrid; B. imperialis from Mexico; B. ‘Whirlybird’; B. ‘Night Satin’, B. ‘Dark Surprise’, TA hybrid rex/rhizomatous; B. ‘Golden Swallowtail’; B. ‘Bertha’, TA hybrid; B. ‘Flamingo Queen’, an Australian cane; B. ‘Lotsa Rosa’; B. ‘Dark Desire’; B. ‘Bewitched’; B. ‘Black Fancy’

The silent auction followed. Both auctions included contributions of plants and other items donated by Nancy, Johanna, Donnie Brown and Doris Happel. In addition, 8” and 10” panterra bowls were available for purchase.

Respectfully submitted,
Suellen Solodar