November, 2014

November, 2014

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When:  Monday, November 10, 2014 at 7:00p.m. 
Where:  Mounts Auditorium
Refreshments:  Ron & Linda Wiringer
Badge Plant:     ?
Raffle Table:    Nancy Cohen
Program:  - Begonia Terrariums
                    Wanda Macnair

November Program

Begonia Terrariums
Wanda Macnair

Wanda Macnair loves terrariums and grows the most gorgeous (and sometimes the most incredible) begonias in them. Begonia terrariums become a passion--you'll recognize it when suddenly you have lots of them. Wanda will show us how to plant a terrarium and hou to care for it, and bring plants that are perfect for terrariums.


Meeting Minutes for October 6, 2014

Nancy Cohen, Vice President, called the meeting to order. Karen Blumenthal, a guest, and Petra Russell brought the badge plants and Elaine McKelvey, Di Loveland, Petra Russell and Brenda Lines brought the refreshments. Susan Hoffman was also a guest. Nancy supplied the raffle table.

Patrick Dempsey has been working in the begonia garden at Mounts and Nancy asked for volunteers to work there with Patrick on Saturday, October 25. Luke Schneider, Nancy and Frances Drescher, Treasurer, volunteered.

Nancy then spoke about getting members to renew their membership in the begonia society in November rather than in January, $35 for a single membership and $45 for a family. As an incentive, members who do renew at the November meeting will receive a free begonia (Charles Jaros will be bringing plants from Harmony for this purpose).

Frances Drescher then gave the Treasurer’s report: our account shows $2,664.24.

The proposed slate of officers for 2015 is as follows: Ed Whelan will be our National Representative, Petra Russell will be secretary, Frances Drescher will be Treasurer, Virginia Jens will be Vice President and Suellen Solodar President.

New Business

Jack DuRuisseau has completed his trip to Ecuador. We funded part of his expenses so he has sent us seeds from thirteen species of Ecuadorian begonias. Frances indicated she would give some seeds to anyone interested in growing them.

Gene Joyner announced that on Saturday, October 11, his garden, Unbelievable Acres, would be open to the public from 1 to 5 p.m. Also, he reminded us that he is on radio station 880 a.m. on Sundays from 7:25 until 7:40 taking questions from listeners.

Christine Schwartz announced that there will be a trip to Fuchs Garden in Homestead on October 20 and those wishing to reserve bus seats on this Tropical Orchid Society event should call their President, Cheryl Akey (561 329 4390) to reserve a seat on the bus which leaves Mounts at 8 a.m.

Finally, Nancy suggested that on election day we vote “yes” for Florida state constitution Amendment #1 which seeks to restore Florida conservation and recreational lands.


Our speaker was Steven Royer from Smarty Plants in Boynton Beach. An accomplished horticulturalist with a Masters Degree, Steven’s topic was “ Ferns for your Garden.” He began with a brief history of ferns, noting their diversity (there are 33 fern families and 223 genera). Ferns have two distinct life cycles. Some have medical uses, some are edible. He mentioned the superstition concerning the “golden flower” that blooms and drops, all only on midsummer’s eve. He told us the Morris Arboretum in Pennsylvania is one of the best ferneries in the US, another is in Chicago. These plants look very mystical and ancient. He mentioned many including Selaginella uncinata, a good ground cover, the Star of Siam which goes from green in the daylight to whitish at night, the giant horsetail which can grow in a saline pool, “Equisteum hymenale”, which can be used as a scouring pad, the giant leather fern “Azolla caroliniana” which is native to Florida, “Osmunda regalis” which is the smallest of the ferns, the Royal Fern which is very striking and has a spike of brown spores, the Maidenhair fern which needs a lot of water but is very forgiving (the diamond maidenhair and giant maidenhair can grow in somewhat drier conditions), the “adiantum candatum” which hangs down and forms new plants at the tips, the holly fern which is shiny, “Pteris nipponica” which forms a clump and can be almost white in appearance with green margins, the crocodile fern, the wart fern (another ground cover that can climb four feet up a tree), the Australian tree fern which likes dappled light and the “Angioptferis Evecta, the closest looking plant to Jurassic Park.

The badge plants were won by Christine Schwartz and Frances Drescher.

Our speaker at the November meeting will be Wanda Macnair who will bring and talk about terrarium begonias. She lives in Massachusetts so will offer a very different perspective.

Respectfully submitted,
Suellen Solodar, Recording Secretary