October, 2014

October, 2014

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Next Meeting

When:  Monday, Octoberr  6, 2014 at 7:00p.m. (Please note the meeting is the 1st Monday in October)
Where:  Mounts Auditorium
Refreshments:  Elaine McKelvey, Di Loveland, Brenda Lines
Badge Plant:     Elaine McKelvey
Raffle Table:    Nancy Cohen
Program:  - Furns For Your Garden
                    Steven Royer

President’s Message

We had a very interesting presentation by Wae Nelson, publisher of "Florida Gardening Magazine", who spoke about improving our gardens with Biochar,

According to our Begonia by-laws the President has to pick a Chairperson for our next year's Nominating Committee. Virginia Jens has volunteered to be the Chair and Paton White and Denise Friiedlander have volunteered to complete the committee of three. Anyone who is interested in running for an office please contact any of these people.

We are all familiar with the book "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child". Since we are in need for volunteers to look after our Mounts Begonia Garden, I say " It takes all volunteers from a Begonia Society to maintain the Mounts Begonia Garden. I have asked for at least one member to volunteer each month to check on our Mounts Begonia Garden. You do not have to volunteer on the first Saturday of the month, that's when the Mounts provide a free sandwich if you sign up by 8:30. You can come at any time you like. For instance I check in on the Begonia Garden each month when I attend the monthly Master Gardener's meeting. Our volunteer for this month is David Parkinson. I hope that this starts a trend.

I will be visiting my children and grand children for a month so I won't be at the October meeting. Nancy Cohen has set up another interesting presenter. See you at the November meeting where we will be looking for volunteers for decorating our tables for the December meeting.

Ed Whalen
President, 2014

October Program

Ferns For Your Garden
Steven Royer, from Smarty Plants Nursery

Steven is a horticulturalist with extensive public garden design, development, and education experience at Mounts Botanical Garden, AOS (American Orchid Society,) Fernwood Gardens, and the American Association of Botanical Garden and Arboreta. Steven holds an MS in biology from Andrews University and has done post graduate research on ferns. Steven will bring ferns for our Florida shade gardens to illustrate his talk and to sell, and talk about best ferns for differing landscapes and uses.


Meeting Minutes for September 8, 2014

The meeting opened with President Ed Whalen welcoming two guests and Luke Schneider, who is a new member to our Begonia Society. He thanked Lee for keeping our room open as well as Paton White and David Perkinson who supplied snacks for our meeting. A compliment was given to Sandy Sklar for her very good reminder Blasts! He appointed Virginia Jens as chairperson of the Nominating Committee. Paton White and Denise Friedlander volunteered to complete the Nominating Committee of three. Anyone who would like to run for an office of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer or National Representative please contact anyone of these three Committee members.

David Perkinson volunteered to work in our Mounts Begonia Garden for the month of October. It was strongly suggested that we have a Garden volunteer each month. One need not volunteer for the first Saturday of each month regular work session at the Mounts. You can volunteer to stop in at any time that is convenient for you. We will be looking for a volunteer for November at the October meeting.

Virginia Jens reported on ABS’s recent Annual Meeting, which was held in Fort Worth. The 2015 ABS Convention with be held July 29 - August 2nd outside of Boston, in Natick, MA. The Begonian is now available digitally by password to all members of ABS who have provided us with their current email address. The email link to the first digital copy was sent on Friday, August 29th. The email appeared as: BrightCopy Support at Allen Press / The Begonian Now Available Online. Members will continue to receive the print version for one year.

Tom Hewitt announced that there would be a Vintage Sale and asked for donations of garden related merchandise. The sale will be held in conjunction with Mounts' Fall Plant Sale and Hibiscus Show on November 1st & 2nd. Donations should be made to the Mounts' office on weekdays and to the Gift Shop on weekends. He encouraged anyone who would like to volunteer to work the sale as well.

It was brought to everyone's attention that our next meeting date had to be changed due to a national holiday. Please note that our next meeting will be October 6th. Steven Royer, from Smarty Plants Nursery, will be speaking on "Ferns For Your Garden".

Frances gave the Treasurer's report of $2,813.04.

Nancy Cohen introduced our Speaker, Wae Nelson, publisher of "Florida Gardening" and his wife Kathy who is the editor. The topic of the program was "Improving Your Garden Soil". It was very interesting to hear how to introduce urea into our soil, for additional oxygen, 46-0-0 fertilizer and charcoal dust. Biochar is a new word to add to our vocabulary. The Nelson's have donated many copies of " Florida Gardening" to the club. Pick up some of these copies at our next meeting.

The badge plant was won by Nancy Cohen.

Respectfully submitted,
By Ed Whalen & Frances Drescher sitting in for Suellen Solodar, Recording Secretary