December, 2015

December, 2015

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Next Meeting

When:  Monday, December 14, 2015 at 6:00p.m. 
Where:  Mounts Auditorium
Refreshments:  N/A
Badge Plant:     N/A
Program:  - Annual Holiday Party

Presidentís Message

Our November meeting followed directly the semi-annual Mounts plant sale and for the first time in several years our chapter of the American Begonia Society had a booth! We were stationed out in the field near gate 2 and yes, we had shade for most of the day and all who participated felt our venture was a big success! Out of the 150 six or eight inch plants we obtained from Harmony we sold 139 at the sale! One plant was damaged and is now in the begonia garden; the remaining ten plants were auctioned off at our meeting the next day. This sale was so successful that a motion was passed at the meeting to have a booth again in the spring as well as the fall of 2016. The plants were just gorgeous although we didnít have any canes and we felt that we had made good progress in introducing the passersby to our beloved plants. We handed out literature about the society and about begonias in general and hopefully we will have attracted some additional members. As for the absence of cane begonias, we will find another grower to supplement our selection for the spring sale.

At the meeting the slate of officers nominated in October was approved. The meeting gave members the opportunity of selling or swapping plants or accessories with other members. In addition to auctioning the remaining plants from the plant sale we also had a silent auction of some smaller plants.

AND NOW WE CAN ALL LOOK FORWARD TO OUR HOLIDAY PARTY AND BEGONIA BINGO! Everyone please bring a covered dish to share and come early (6 PM) so we can socialize before bingo. A turkey and a baked virginia ham will be supplied. Everyone whose membership is current or who renews their membership at this meeting will be entitled to play and everyone will win at least one plant.

I have enjoyed being president during 2015 and urge you all to come to our final meeting of the year! Happy holidays!

Suellen Solodar
President, 2015

Meeting Minutes for November 9, 2015

President Suellen Solodar called the meeting to order at 7:30pm.

Thanks to Lee Statkewitz for getting to the building early to hold the room for our meeting.

Thanks to everyone that brought refreshments.

Badge plant: Frances Drescher

Treasurerís report was given by Frances Drescher, reporting $3,302.23 in the bank.

Old Business

Suellen thanked all the volunteers for helping with plant sale.

Thanks to Patrick for getting the signs, and picking up the plants for the sale.

We had a booth at the Mounts fall sale and it was a huge success, the plants were beautiful and well received by the public who stopped at our booth, people were exposed to begonias and some could not believe these plants were begonias. We had 150 begonia plants and sold 139 plants.

Members swapped, sold plants and accessories at meeting.

In addition, a silent auction was held featuring a variety of plants.

New Business

Suellen conducted the election of officers for 2016. The following individuals have accepted nomination: Patrick Dempsey for President; Pauline Ma for Vice President; Frances Drescher for Treasurer; Petra Russell for Secretary; Suellen Solodar for National Representative.

The entire slate was approved unanimously.

A motion was made, agreed and passed to have a booth in both the Spring and Fall Mounts plant sale.

Suggestions were made that we need some cane varieties at plant sales.

For most members, dues are now due. Dues should be paid up to participate in Begonia Bingo.

Gene Joyner was in attendance and reminded us that Unbelievable Acres tours are held on the 2nd Saturday of the month 1:30 and 3pm. Reservations are required.

Website is

In addition Gene talked about his radio program on 880AM called South Florida Garden show, the program is on 7-9AM, Gene is featured at 7:30AM.

Next issue of Leaflet is February 2016, it will feature article on Begonias written by Doris Happel.

Respectfully submitted,
Petra Russell, Recording Secretary