February, 2016

February, 2016

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When:  Monday, February 8, 2016 at 7:00p.m. 
Where:  Mounts Auditorium
Refreshments:  ?
Badge Plant:     ?
Program:  - Annual Begonia Auction

Meeting Minutes for January 11, 2016

President Patrick Dempsey called the meeting to order at 7:30pm.

Thanks to Lee Statkewitz for getting to the building early to hold the room for our meeting.

Thanks to everyone that brought refreshments.

Treasurer’s report was given by Frances Drescher, reporting $2,787.33 in the bank.

Welcome new member Ann Cavaleri

Guests: Beverly Sadio and Brenda Cantor.

Pratrick thanked last year's board members for their support.

Patrick spoke about the upcoming program speakers lined up for this year.

Patrick introduced a new program for members to bring in their Begonia plants for Show and Tell.

Patrick announced the need for Badge plants and Refreshments, there was a sign- up sheet that was passed around.

February meeting is our Annual Begonia Auction. Members are encouraged to bring a friend to the auction, as this is our top fund raiser. This will be the opportunity to replace and add to your Begonia collection.

Patrick introduced speaker Sandi Jones - Broward Orchid Supply, Hollywood Fl

Sandi gave in depth presentation and demonstration on orchid care.

Sandi explained the different potting mixes for orchid care and recommendation BOS mix would be best for Begonias.

She talked about pests and diseases that affect orchid varieties and how to take care of them.

Use of rubbing alcohol to spray wound when trimming orchids, and the use of cinnamon as a natural fungicide.

Sandi had orchid supplies for sale and explained the use of many of these products in caring for orchids.

Respectfully submitted,
Petra Russell, Recording Secretary