November, 2016

November, 2016

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When:  Monday, November 14, 2016 at 7:00p.m.
Refreshments:  Frances Drescher, Marcia Bedasse, Susan Roberts
Badge Plant:     Frances Drescher
Raffle Table:    Laure Histov
Program:  - Begonia Species in the Fort Worth Botanic Garden
                     Don Miller

Presidentís Message

It's November, election time for the Begonia Society of the Palm Beaches. The Nominating Committee, as directed by our bi-laws , has been selected by the membership. So now throughout the county BSPB members have gone into hiding in fear of their call. So it falls to me, as presiding President to announce the 2017 slate of candidates for your approval.

As in past years, the election will come down to how the membership feels about our most pressing issue. The candidates all approach this issue from different perspectives and I will attempt to clarify them all until the issue is resolved. That issue is: How do you water Begonias?

Patrick Dempsey, for 2017 President, north county coastal resident, allows his begonias to dry out and wilt. He been known to say "Let the begonias beg for a drink". Think long about a second term for him!

Ed Whalen, for VP, urban resident of south county (Delray), is an immerser. Yes, I have visited him and there are 5gal pails full of soaking begonias, his best plants are hanging over his pool where the humidity is the highest. Ed is experienced in this post.

Frances Dresher, Treasurer, western mid county, is a greenie. She hopes mother nature will do it! Afternoon rains are common out there. Frances is also ABS Holiday Committee Chair and a great choice.

Petra Russell, Secretary, a Mid-county executive, is a hoser! She comes home late and then hoses and irrigates her begonias, which are spread out all over her acre and a half. Great to have on-board again.

Suellen Solodar, Nat'l rep, and gated community resident is a Dunker! She waters from the bottom up, each plant placed into a bucket of water and fertilizer until they have absorbed their fill. Suellen is Past-President and keeps me on course.

Sandra Sklar, returning as Membership Chair for 8th year, our western most member, is a lifter, one whom lifts the plant and if it is light she waters it, too heavy: ' no water for that begonia'.

Susan Roberts, Special Events Chair, from a different temperate zone (9), says that calling Gwen to come over and water for her is the best method of all. Special Event is a new position and the chair will be responsible for our sales, auctions, trips and other stuff.

I do not know if this election will solve this watering issue or not. Therefore let me just say that I enjoy growing begonias with each of these members and really appreciate all that they do for our Begonia Society of the Palm Beaches, and highly recommend approval of this Board.

Come to the Fall plant sale Nov. 5&6 and I hope to see everyone at the November Meeting on the 14th. Don Miller is traveling from Dallas Texas and will present a great program for us.

See everyone at the meeting.

Patrick Dempsey
President, 2016

November Program

Begonia Species in the Fort Worth Botanic Garden
Don Miller

Those of you who were at last year's wonderful program on Begonia Bonsai (who knew?) will remember Don. He is once again visiting us from Texas, were he is an award winning hybridizer and the begonia Expert at Steve's Leaves. This year he will be talking about the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, home to the Begonia Species Bank, the largest collection of begonia species in the world.

Meeting Minutes for October 3, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 by Patrick Dempsey, president.

Lee was thanked for keeping the door open.

Gwen, Suellen, Donnie and Pauline were thanked for refreshments.

Guests Yvette and Leslie were introduced.

New member Polly Reed was welcomed.

Sandy requested that Nov. and Dec. dues be paid at the Nov. meeting.

Treasurerís report was given by Frances Drescher, who reported available funds of $4,198.25.

A sign up sheet for the Nov. plant sale was passed for volunteers.

Patrick introduced Charles Jaros who gave a power point program on naming and classifying U numbers in begonia identification.

Nancy offered the membership voting guides from the League of Women Voters.

The nominating committee presented the slate of officers for 2017: President: Patrick Dempsey; Vice President: Ed Whelan; Secretary: Petra Russell; Treasurer: Frances Drescher; National Representative: Suellen Solodar.

Charles auctioned off a variety of begonias.

The raffle and badge plant were awarded.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Beverly Lichtenstein, standing in for Petra Russell, Recording Secretary

November Meeting Adgenda

Hear the committee reports: Treasurers:

Membership: remind members that membership is due

Special events: report on results of Fall Plant Sale

pass sign-up sheet for Raffle Plants

Refreshments: pass sign-up sheet for Holiday Party

Pass sign-up sheet for next years Refreshments

Call for a Financial Review Committee Chair:

Responsible to review and report on BSPB books before the march 2017 meeting.

Hold an election for next years Board.

Begonia Society of the Palm Beaches

Membership: Dues are Due in November

I really enjoy being a member of the American Begonia society. As President of our branch this last year, I have become aware of the importance of our national organization and all that they do for us. Below I wish to share with you some of the things that they provide for us all.

Patrick Dempsey

American Begonia Society Membership Benefits

Seven reasons why you'll enjoy the American Begonia Society

1. Beauty

Rex begonias, with colorfully shimmering leaves...Tuberous Begonias with the "Rolls Royce of flowers"...tall Cane-like begonias, with huge clusters of flowers...tiny terrarium jewels...winter blooming Reiger begonias...Semperflorens, they bloom all year "round...but thatís not all...

2. Diversity

Rhizomatous begonias, with lovely foliage (and sometimes fantastical shapes) Trailing Scandent begonias: grow them up, grow them down...Semi-tuberous begonias: grow them as flowering bonsai...Thick stemmed begonias: they can be dainty or humongous, but are always impressive...Shrub-like begonias: the BIG blooming houseplant...

3. New Hybrids

ABS is the International Registration Authority for new begonia hybrids (and our magazine tells you how to grow them.)

4. Member Services

45 Branches nationwide...Seed Fund...Slide & Video Library...Book Store (books on begonias from around the world, found no where else)...Round Robins... Research Library...Horticultural Correspondent, to answer your growing questions...Members at Large, with quarterly newsletter...e-mail editor...Branch support through Branch Relations Director...

5. Publications

The Begonian, full color publication every other month...branch, regional, and Members at Large newsletters...pamphlets on growing begonias, terrarium care, membership, more...

6. Conservation

Support for 2 Species Banks in U.S. & Collecting trips...International cooperation with conservation efforts worldwide... Adopt-A-Species & Species Listing projects...Handouts on recycling...Tips on organic growing...

7. Conventions

Spectacular shows, sales, seminars...and fellowship with other begonia lovers (the nicest bunch of folks on the planet)...held annually in locations around the world.

To get started learning more about begonias, join the American Begonia Society.

Become an ABS Member

Membership (including subscription to The Begonian) is $25.00 annually, U.S., Mexico and Canada. $45.00 annually foreign. All memberships are Family membership. Consult the Membership Chairman for sustaining, benefactor, and life membership dues. U.S. currency only.