August 2017

Blooming Begonias Newsletter August, 2017

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Next Meeting

When:  Monday, August 14, 2017 at 6:00p.m.
Where:  Tropical World, 7401 Tropical World Way, Boynton Beach
Refreshments:   None
Badge Plant:     None
Program:  - Nursery Tour

President: Pat Dempsey   Vice-president: Ed Whalen   Treasurer: Frances Drescher    Secretary: Petra Russell
Special Events and Refreshment Chair: Susan Roberts    Membership: Sandy Schlar   Newsletter: Johanna Kitson

August Meeting

Due to construction in the Mounts Auditorium, this month’s meeting will be a bit different as we are not able to meet there until September. Instead of cancelling the meeting we are meeting at a nursery called Tropical World in Boynton Beach at 6:00 p.m. After looking at the nursery it is planned to go out for a bite to eat for those who wish to do so. The address for Tropical World is 7401 Tropical World Way. It is located off of Hagen Ranch Road 2-3 miles south of Boynton Beach Blvd.

Answers to the crossword puzzle

1-tropics 2-odorata alba 3-terrarium 4-Mark Tebbitt 5-tuberous 6-South America 7-amphioxus 8-cane 9-pinks 10-seed 11-New Orleans 12-white 13-ovary 14-pod 15-foliosa 16-stipule 17-orange 18-monecious 19-rex 20-pedicle 21-Ruth Kew 22-assymetrical 23-Africa 24-leaf 25-Michael Begon 26-grex 27-China 28-yellow 29-stem

Below is an interesting site that Frances Drescher found online about begonias with blue leaves! Here is the site if you would like to read about it and see some wonderful pictures.


The meeting was opened by President Pat Dempsey at 7:35 p.m

Our only guest was Bev Lichtenstein’s daughter Linda.

Old Business:

Our next meeting will be at Tropical World as the Mounts will not be open due to construction. Directions and time will be in the next newsletter.

New Business:

A motion was made and seconded to donate $500 to the American Begonia Society’s Conservation Fund in memory of Charles Jaros. The motion passed unanimously. A motion was made and seconded to donate $301, at the Champaign Level, to the American Begonia Society’s Holiday Greeting for the Begonian magazine. The motion passed unanimously.

Patricia Bennet won Begonia hispida and Donnie Brown won Begonia ‘Susie’s Curl’.

A begonia crossword puzzle was handed out with the answers to be included in the next newsletter.

Our ‘program’ was ‘fun and games’ after our pot luck dinner. Virginia Jens put together some factual and humorous begonia questions on her computer and we chose up teams to answer them---Team Rex and Team Angel Wing. Two members went forward to face the questions and rang in on their bell when they had the answer. Correct answers won members all kinds of plant items. New gloves, trowels, begonia stationery, watering cans, fertilizer, a terrarium kit with instructions to grow Begonia bogneri, and more.

In September, we will be back in the auditorium as usual at 7:00 p.m. Our program will be on rex, thick-stemmed, and rhizomatous begonias. More on this in the next newsletter.

Johanna Kitson, newsletter editor