June 2018

Blooming Begonias Newsletter
Monday June 11, 2018

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Next Meeting

When:  Monday, June 11, 2018 at 7:30p.m.
Where:  Mounts Auditorium
Refreshments:  Donnie Brown & Ed Whalen
Badge Plant:    Ed Whalen
Program:  - New Hybrids
                     Greg Sytch

President: Sandy Arland   Vice-president: Virginia Jens   Treasurer: Frances Drescher    Secretary: Denise Friedlander    National Representative: Johanna Kitson

President's Message

Greetings from the beautiful but chilly north; the birds are singing welcoming me back. My trip up here was uneventful, no problems. Thanks to my son, Eric, everything was all set up for me, outdoor furniture back out on the deck, etc.

I have purchased my annual flowers and planted, including the tuberous begonias, and bedding plants. The growing season is just beginning with the lilacs in full bloom and very fragrant. The temp during the day is ranging from 60 to 80 but night time is very cold at 40 to 50 degrees - great for sleeping under 3 blankets.

Hope the rain from the sub-tropical storm didn't damage any of the begonias. Enjoy the June 11 speaker, Greg Sytch, that Virginia has arranged for and refreshments by Donnie Brown and Ed Whalen and Ed is on my list for the Badge Plant. I don't have the listing of members who are supplying the raffle plants. Have a good meeting.

I still don't have my voice back but improving.

Sandy Arland, President


Greg Sytch will be presenting the program and it will be on new hybrids, specifically rex-rhizo hybrids recently developed for Florida's climate. His hope is to have at least one of each plant that is represented on his slide program. He will also include new canes/shrubs if he can get a hold of them. Background information and how to successfully grow these begonias will be included. He will also be selling plants.


Rain, rain, go away! The merry month of May certainly gave us the moisture we needed to get a head start on the June rainy season. Living in Florida is always a surprise.

I am very glad I spread time released Nutricote in my yard and in the potted plants six weeks ago. Plants are quickly growing, and leaves are green and healthy looking. The Cleome seed I planted last April is now five feet tall!

This Spring I tried something new. I planted a row of green bean seeds along the front of my flower garden. Once a week I was able to pick enough fresh green beans for a meal. Anybody else growing vegetables in front of their begonias?

I also learned something new about squirrels. One of my tomato plants was producing lovely tomatoes but I never was able to find any of them turning red. One morning I looked up in the near-by tree and discovered that squirrels like to eat green tomatoes.

Johanna Kitson, Newsletter Editor


Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m. by President Sandy Arlund.

Refreshments were provided by Marsha Baghdadi and drinks by Denise Friedlander and Frances Drescher

Membership: One guest was present -- Karen Bloomingfeld. Our total membership is 35 per Sandy Sklar, Membership Chairperson.

Garden report: everything o.k. in garden per Suellen Solodar for Patrick Dempsey.

Events Chair: No report this month as Susan Roberts was absent.

Tour report: Suellen Solodar discussed a trip to Bok Tower in October, they are having their plant sale then and it would be a good time to go.

Treasurer’s report: Frances Drescher announced we made $423.05 in profit from the plant sale. We have an adequate balance. We are a 501.3C and are thinking of incorporating the club.

Sandy Sklar won the “Best of Show“ award at the Wellington Garden Club Flower Show last month.

Badge plant and raffle this month were left over from our April plant sale.

Our July meeting will be a pot luck and "picnic". Members can bring plants and plant related items to sell. There will be no raffle that night. However, members can bring items to put in a silent auction.

Suellen discussed for members to sell their own plants at the next plant sale with our membership getting a portion of same, everyone seemed to be in favor of this. We would also be using Harmony for plants also.

Our June presenter will be Greg Sytch

Our program tonight was by our very own Johanna Kitson. She did a "STELLAR" job on begonia propagation!! She is just so full of knowledge! We all went home with some cuttings too.

Badge plant provided by club and won by Denise Friedlander

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Denise Friedlander, Secretary