2017 Volunteer Lists
The Begonia Society of the Palm Beaches meets the second Monday of each month in the Mounts Auditorium at 531 N. Military Trail, West Palm Beach.  There is ample paved parking. Note: October  meeting will be on the first Monday of the month.

Plant raffle and exchanges, information, official society business, refreshments, a door prize and an informational program are offered.

Doors open at 7:00 pm and the business meeting starts at 7:30 pm unless otherwise noted.  Meetings typically adjourn by 9:00 pm.

  January 9, 2017

“Jazz Up Your Shade Garden”
Laure Hristov

Laure is a Master Gardener who hosted a monthly meeting in her wonderful hame and garden last year. The presentation will be "Jazz Up Your Shade Garden". Sounds like fun to me! Laure will also offer some of her favorite plant selections for sale. It's a great opportunity to benefit from the expertise of a South Florida garden professional who is always in search of new and exciting plants to add to the landscape.
  February 13, 2017

Annual Auction of Tropical Begonias
Charles Jaros, Auctioneer

Our program this month is the much-awaited Live Begonia Auction. Charles Jaros will return as auctioneer and as each begonia is auctioned he will give us an overview of the plant. The begonias being auctioned are huge and blooming. There will be new hybrids, newly discovered species, as well as tried and true favorites of the past. This is our main fund raiser of the year which allows us to make donations to begonia exploration, our monthly speakers, and begonia bingo. There will also be a silent auction table. This is just one more opportunity to collect a begonia or two! (Besides our monthly raffle table, our two large sales in April and November, the free monthly Badge Plant give-away, free begonia bingo, et cetera.)

  March 13, 2017

“Every Thing You Wanted to Know About Begonia Culture and Propagation and Were Afraid to Ask”

In preparation for the Club's visit to Doris Happel's gardens on Saturday, March 18th, for a propagation party, we thought it would be a good time to discuss the types of begonias we have in our own Mounts Begonia Garden. Many of the clippings that we have gotten from Doris in the past are now thriving plants in this garden. We have eight categories of begonias, which were listed in the February Newsletter. Cuttings from our garden will show the differences of rhizomatous characteristics, cane characteristics, thick-stemmed, trailing scandent and shrub-like. What is the difference between a semperflorens wax begonia and a tuberous begonia? Clippings used during the program will be placed on the raffle able.

  April 3, 2017 (Please note that the meeting is on the FIRST Monday of the month)


It will be nice to see what begonia varieties other members are growing.

Every member brings in at least one of their best begonia plants, terrarium, begonia container garden, begonia strawberry pot, or unusual container, etc. That's 6 weeks away so that should be ample notice to clean up those pots and groom your plants (such as removing those spent blooms and any torn or dead leaves). Everyone who won at Begonia Bingo, a raffle, or bought something at our sales, should have something decent to bring. Many of us have something they were growing before these events that would be worthy to show off as well.

Ribbons will be given out for best rhizomatous, best cane, best trailing-scandent, best thick- stemmed, best shrub-like, best unusual container, best terrarium. Bags of Nutricote will be given as prizes. A big zip-lock bag for First, a medium zip-lock bag for Second, and a sandwich sized bag for Third.

  May 8, 2017

Fabulous Crotons of Florida, Their History, Care and Culture
Mark Peters

Mark Peters has been a gardening enthusiast since his youth, and his entire professional life has been devoted exclusively to the garden world. After attending U CONN's esteemed Hort. Program, Mark began his career at White Flower Farm. Later, he held positions at Boston's historic Forest Hills Cemetery) during which he was an honorary member of the Mass. Hort. Society, The New York Botanical Garden, and McKee Botanical Garden. Most recently, having been totally seduced by the Croton's dazzling, colorful ornamental foliage and unstable nature, the former orchid aficionado established Peters Croton Nursery in Vero Beach.

As mass merchandisers and box stores become the main suppliers of plants for our gardens, the beautiful "heirloom" croton cultivars are fast disappearing. One cutting at a time, Peters is an ardent, hands on preservationist: dedicated to the conservation and restoration of the myriad distinctive old cultivars of these beautiful cheerful shrubs which so steadfastly graced Florida garden for decades.

Mark will give a Power Point program and give us informative handouts. The hallmark of his Cronton Program is a phenomenal display consisting of masses of Crotons so he can readily highlight examples of his talking points and the meticulous layout of individual leaf types to make their differences obvious. He will also demonstrate the art of air layering and will have plenty of plants to sell.

  June 12, 2017

Program on Hybrids
Greg Sytch

Greg Sytch, our favorite Horticultural Correspondent, will be presenting a slide show on new hybrids as well as featuring some of their parentage. In the March/April Begonian, he wrote a nice article on "Fertilizing Begonias" if you care to refresh yourselves with his take on different fertilizer options. " Loxahatchee " is one of his newer hybrids and is a cross between a rex and a rhizomatous. It has a heavy fragrance and a large growing habit featuring unique, mocha curled leaves. He writes that he feels this plant shows much promise. If his growing season allows in the Tampa Bay area, he will have some of these with him to sell on June 12th. He always brings the most interesting plants to sell.
  July 10, 2017

To Be Announced
  August 14, 2017

To Be Announced

  September 11, 2017

To Be Announced

  October 2, 2017 <(Please note that the meeting is on the FIRST Monday of the month)

To Be Announced
  November 6, 2017(Please note that the meeting is on the FIRST Monday of the month)

To Be Announced
  December 11, 2017 6:30 pm

Annual Holiday Party and Begonia Bingo

Our annual members Holiday Party, featuring magnificent begonias and BEGONIA BINGO, will be held December 11. Bring a covered dish and a good appetite—the Begonia Society is noted for its good cooks. Noted also for the large beautiful begonias from the best begonia nursery in the world. And our determined bingo players. The festivities start at 6:30.

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